Truth, purity, and unselfish”ness - whenever these are present, there is no power below or above the sun to crush the possessor thereof.
Equipped with these, one individual is able to face the whole universe in opposition.
              Swami Vivekananda
  I like the religion that teaches
liberty, equality & fraternity.
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
Arts & Science College

The Dr. Ambedkar Arts & Science College, Kasargode, Kerala, is located at Sreesailam, Niduvottupara from Periye (N.H. - 17), and the premises is 8 Km away from Bekal tourism project. A Hill view Campus, 1800 feet from the sea level land is always breezy, free from noise and dust, is an ideal atmosphere suitable for a centre of higher education. The college is affiliated to the Kannur University


The college imparts most modem methodology of Education and aims at High Standards in academics. The method of Teaching is based on Individual attention giving special coaching in case of below average academic performers. Emphasis is given, in developing character, leadership, qualities, social responsibility and patient hearing. Modern facilities are given for physical education, craft and computer training.


B.Sc Physics
BA English
M.Com Finance
M.Sc. Physics

Staff Details

1 Dr. C. BALAN Principal
2 RANCHITHA P. NAIR Lecturer in Commerce
3 SUNITHA. M Lecturer in Commerce
4 JISHAMOL. K S Lecturer in Commerce
5 GOPIKA P Lecturer in Commerce
6 SHIJITH Lecturer in Commerce
7 DIVYA SIVAN Lecturer in Commerce
8 ISMAIL. M Lecturer in Commerce
9 SUDHEESH K Lecturer in Commerce
10 SHEEJA V Lecturer in Commerce
11 VIBHA. A.V Lecturer in Physics
12 SHYAMA. P Lecturer in Physics
13 CHITHRA LEKHA. P.V Lecturer in Physics
14 DIVYA. P Lecturer in Physics
15 JALAJA N T Lecturer in Physics
16 NAMITH NAVA KRISHNAN Lecturer in Physics
17 ABDUL HAMEED. N.P Lecturer in English
18 PRAYAGA. P Lecturer in English
19 JIJI C V Lecturer in English
20 SHIJI. K Lecturer in Chemistry
21 RAMYA. P Lecturer in Maths
22 VARSHA. E Lecturer in Malayalam
23 BINDU K. Lecturer in Hindi
24 NIMMI. B Lecturer in Computer
25 DHANESH CHANDRAN Lecturer in Physical Education